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Guidelines for Gift Bearers

Take a moment to clear your mind while the offertory song is being sung. Remember that you are representing the entire parish as we return to God a small part of the many blessings that He has given to us. The unleavened Bread and Wine that you carry will be consecrated to become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Treat it with reverence and respect.

Normally there will be three (3) Gift Bearers assigned to each Mass. The first Gift Bearer, the one on the Left, will carry the Wine and the Water. This Gift Bearer will be the one to first hand the gifts to Father. The Wine should be in their Left Hand and the Water in their Right.

The Second Gift Bearer, the one on the Right, will carry the Host. This Gift Bearer will be the next to hand the gift of the Host to Father.

The Third Gift Bearer, the one that walks behind the First and Second Gift Bearer will carry the Offering.

After the Wine, Water, and Host have been handed to Father, the First and Second Gift Bearers move apart and the Third Gift Bearer moves forward forming a single line of all three Gift Bearers. The Third Gift Bearer hands the Offering to Father. Once all of the gifts have been presented to Father, he may say a few words of thanks to the Gift Bearers, then Father, the Deacon and the Altar Servers move to carry the gifts to the altar. The Three Gift Bearers, still standing in a line in front of the altar, bow together toward the altar, turn and return down the aisle to their seats.

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